Our Process

Design Process

Depending on the needs of our customer, we upload preliminary drawings in CAD format to our design software or, if we are designing from scratch, we begin the design process. We then work with the customer to reach the desired aesthetic and specifications of a product, ensuring accuracy and successful rapid prototyping. We then begin the prototyping process and can produce as many samples of the product as is necessary to meet the approval of the customer.


Once approved, the parts are sent into production. As our machines can operate 24/7, we can comfortably accommodate any size job. We pride ourselves in having the flexibility to halt production on any job if any changes or improvements need to be made saving our customers time and money.

Materials and Finish

While we generally work with aluminum, we can work with other metals and plastics on a case-by-case basis. After thorough quality control, we proceed with finishing. The parts are then anodized giving them a tough protective coating in the desired color. Custom laser engraving is available with our 32x18 universal CO2 laser system.